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NURELLA HOME was founded by Huriye Nur Yörük in 2022. Our masters, who are deeply connected to Anatolian culture, and their unique arts inspired our foundation. While we are steadily and faithfully advancing our brand, we have established a workshop in Denizli, Turkey's textile city, in order to offer more quality and mass production to our customers. We gathered under this roof with the slogan "OUR WOMEN WHO PRODUCE".  In this journey that started with a dream, we became a big family working and producing with loyalty and love. It is one of our main duties to produce and meticulously supply the products you demand for your brands. As a Textile Manufacturer, we continue to improve our applications day by day. We offer innovative products made with high precision and care to many local and global companies. As a Young Woman Entrepreneur, we are honored to serve with passion on this path. Always  we stand by our brand and you...

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